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The majority of Simon's work for more than the last twenty years has been as a puppeteer for television. Making his debut on Spitting Image as an assistant puppeteer frequently operating Margaret Thatcher's right hand, he scaled the dizzy heights to become the whole of Tony Blair (as well as The Queen, Jeremy Paxman, Princess Diana and the legs of Joanna Lumley and Norma Major!)

He became best known for his work on ITV's live Saturday morning shows as the performer and voice of Nobby the Sheep, the part that primarily earned him a place in the book Legends of Children's Television recently.

In 1993 he was consultant, puppeteer and presenter of The Pig Attraction, a ten part series all about puppets, for Children's ITV.

Simon has made countless children's TV series all for the main channels, many of which have won BAFTAs, RTS and also Educational Television Awards.

Whether performing with his own voice or to a pre-recorded track, Simon is renowned for bringing characters to life with energy and wit, great timing and often surprising subtlety.

Credits include:

Spitting Image

Spitting Image (Central, 1986-1990) five series as puppeteer
Spitting Image (Central, 1992-1996) six series as principal puppeteer
The Ronnie and Nancy Show (NBC, 1988) USA Spitting Image Special
Bumbledown (NBC, 1988) US Spitting Image Special
The Spitting Image Movie Awards (NBC, 1989) USA Special
The Secret Policeman's Third Ball (video, 1987) Spitting Image sketches
Filth! (video, 1994) Spitting Image sketch
Peter and the Wolf (Spitting Image/BBC2, 1993) puppeteer
Thatcherworld (Spitting Image/BBC, 1993) puppeteer
Having It Off (Spitting Image video, 1993) puppeteer
Don't Forget Your Soapbox (Channel 4, 1994) puppeteer for Spitting Image.
50 Best Ever Spitting Image Sketches (Channel 4, 2006) puppetry co-ordinator and performer for links


Children's Entertainment

Sock TV (Cartoon Network, 2010/2011) live links and pre-recorded programmes
Zoo Factor (BBC1/Calon/Telegael, 2009-10) Head puppeteer (13 episodes)
Basil's Swap Shop (BBC/The Foundation, 2009) puppeteer
Bear Behaving Badly (BBC/Darrall MacQueen, 2007-9) puppeteer and voice of Crazy Keith (78 episodes)
Emu (CITV/Endemol UK, 2007) puppeteer of Emu (26 episodes)
Ripley and Scuff (CITV/The Children's Company, 2001) puppeteer and voice for Scuff (series 1, 36 episodes)
GMTV (2000) puppeteer of Alvin the Alien for Bank Holiday links
Clever Creatures (BBC, 2000) puppeteer and voice for series (13 episodes)
The Rottentrolls (CITV/The Children's Company, 1996-9) puppet co-ordinator for BAFTA-winning children's comedy
The Slow Norris (CITV/United, 1999) puppeteer for fifth series (15 episodes)
Ghoul-lashed (Sky, 1995-6) puppeteer and voice for series (25 episodes)
The Spooks of Bottle Bay (Carlton, 1994-5) two series as puppeteer and voice (20 episodes)
Ghost Train on Sunday (Border, 1989) puppeteer and voice for magazine show (24 episodes)
The Pig Attraction (HTV, 1993) puppeteer, presenter and production associate (10 episodes)
Fun Factory (Sky) puppeteer and voice for Saturday magazine show (20 episodes)
Ask Oddie (HTV, 1991) puppeteer and voice of Bill Oddie's sidekick, Billie the Pig (10 episodes)
Round The Bend (ITV/Hat Trick) puppeteer for two series of comedy show (20 episodes)
Tale of the Bunny Picnic (Henson, 1986) marionette and hand puppeteer


Live Children's Television

Ghost Train (ITV, 1989-1991) three series as Nobby The Sheep (60 episodes)
Gimme 5 (ITV, 1992-1994) three series as Nobby The Sheep and regular guest presenter (38 episodes)
Mashed (ITV, 1997-1998) two series as Jarvis The Monkey with Jez Edwards (34 episodes)
Smile (BBC / Darrall MacQueen, 2006) guest puppeteer as Nev the Bear


Young Children and Education

Roly Mo Show (BBC/Novel, 2004) puppeteer co-ordinator for series (100 episodes)
The Fimbles (BBC/Novel, 2002-3) puppeteer co-ordinator for international series (200 episodes)
Tropical Island (Jervis Media, 2001) puppeteer and voice for series filmed in St Lucia
Okey Cokey Karaoke (Channel 4/SFTV, 2001) shadow puppet maker and puppeteer
Playhouse Disney (Disney Channel UK, 2001) puppeteer and voice
Fab Lab (BBC/Initial, 2000) puppeteer and voice of Dixie the Pixie (50 episodes)
Same Difference (UTV/Channel 4, 1999) puppeteer and voice for series (8 episodes)
Puzzle Maths (Channel 4/Double Exposure 1998) puppeteer and puppetry consultant (7 episodes)
Potamus Park (Carlton, 1995-7) puppeteer and voice over for three series (60 episodes)
Digger and Splatt (Macmillan, 1995) puppeteer and voice for video series
Watch (BBC/SFTV, 1994) puppeteer and voice for video series
Words and Pictures (BBC/SFTV, 1994-2000) puppet maker and performer, various episodes
You and Me (BBC/SFTV, 1989) puppeteer for two series (30 episodes)



Crash and Bernstein (Disney Channel 2015) puppeteer
Mongrels (BBC3, 2010-2012) guest puppeteer for adult sitcom
The Weakest Link (BBC, 2007) guest contestant Nobby the Sheep
This Morning (ITV, 2007) guest with Emu
Toonattik (GMTV, 2007) guest with Emu
Zippy and George's Puppet Legends (Channel 4, 2006) guest
BRITS 25 (ITV, 2005) puppeteer for Henson / Scissor Sisters live performance
The 24 Hour Quiz (ITV/Endemol, 2004) guest puppeteer
100 Best Pop Videos (MTV, 2003) guest
Combat Sheep (BBC/Baby Cow, 2001) puppeteer and co-ordinator for Tim Firth comedy
Children in Need (BBC, 2000) with Pinky and Perky
Open House With Gloria Hunniford (Channel 5, 2000) with Pinky and Perky
Prince William at 18 (Channel 5, 2000) puppeteer for royal birthday special
Pumping on Your Stereo (Henson, 1999) pop video for Supergrass
Studio Safety CD-ROM (BBC, 1998) puppeteer
Rory Bremner - Who Else? (Channel 4, 1996) Punch and Judy performer
The Bird (Channel 4, 1996) guest with Nobby the Sheep
Condom Song (1995) Spitting Image
The Trouble With The 70s (LWT, 1994) Spitting Image sketch
Little Angels (1994) pop video
A Day In The Life of ITV (1993) puppeteer
Five Alive (ITV, 1993) puppeteer for comedy sketch show
Telethon '93 (Tyne Tees, 1993) guest
The View (ITV, 1993) guest
GMTV (1993) guest
Saturday Disney (GMTV, 1993) guest and puppeteer
The Big Breakfast (Channel 4, 1993) presented Nobby the Sheep
What's Up Doc? (ITV 1992-3) presented Nobby the Sheep
The Generation Game (BBC, 1992) guest puppeteer for gameshow with Bruce Forsyth
Northern Life (Tyne Tees, 1991) presented Nobby the Sheep
Rolf's Cartoon Club (HTV, 1991) presented Nobby the Sheep presenter
Central Weekend (Central, 1990) Spitting Image puppeteer
Cool Cube (BSB, 1990) guest and puppeteer
Motormouth (TVS, 1992) presented Nobby the Sheep
Ghost Train (ITV, 1989) guest Punch and Judy performer
Live from London (NBC, 1989) Spitting Image sketch
Hysteria 2 (1989) Spitting Image sketches for charity comedy show
Land of Confusion (Spitting Image, 1987) pop video for Genesis
The Brian Conley Show (ITV, 1986) puppet maker and performer for sketch show