About Simon
Testament Tales

Simon is able to lip-synch puppets to any language, which means he has been able to operate puppets for commercials in Dutch, German, Italian and even Thai! He has also made commercials for the UK (the most well-known being the Churchill Insurance adverts leading a team of four operators on a beautifully crafted animatronic from the Artem Studios) and the USA.

Credits include:

Churchill (2011-2017)
PG Tips (2012 & 2013)
Barclaycard (2012)
Orange (2011)
Netflix (for USA 2011)
Cathedral City Chedds (2011)
Virgin Red (2009)
BT Gremlins (2008)
Aussie Shampoo (2004-8, four campaigns for USA)
World Cup (2006, for Indonesia)
WHSmith (2004)
Velux Double Glazing (2002)
West Midlands Safari Park (2001)
Cheetos (2000, USA)
Jaegermeister (1998-2000, for Holland and Germany)
Sofficini (1998-2002, three campaigns shot in Rome and Milan, Italy)
Channel 7 Movie Trailers (Germany, 1998)
Nissan (Germany, 1998)
Weetos (1996)
Scottish Water Board (1996)
Labour Party (1996)
Pharmacia Information Video (1996, Swedish TV)
Thai Insurance (1996)
Chewits (1996)
Janssen Pharmaceuticals (1991)
Page Kitchen Towels (1991, Holland)
Chicken Tonight cook-in sauce (1993)
Nestle's Farfels (1992, USA)
Scottish Power (1993)
London Records (1995)
Rank Strand Advertising (1994)
Family Channel (1994)
McDonalds (1991)
Bill and Hilary's Guide to Survival (1991 book advert for USA)
Compaq Computers (1992/3)
British Rail training video (1993)
Cadbury Mini Eggs (1993 - Mr Cadbury's Parrot)
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (1993-5, six commercials)
13 Dead End Drive (1990 board game for USA)
SNCF (1990, France)
Der Spiegl (1990 for Germany Frito-Lay (1989 for USA))
Spitting Image Dog Chews (1988)
Chiclets (1987, Canada)
Heineken (1986)